International Banking, Economics and Finance Association

The association provides a framework for the exchange of scholarly research and ideas among its members, promotes individual and collective research, fosters friendly relationships and collaborations with other economic and finance professional associations throughout the world, and encourages academic exchange between institutions of higher education and centers and institutes for research devoted to the association's study objectives.

Announcing the Call for Papers for the annual IBEFA/WEAI conference, Portland, Oregon — June 29–July 3, 2016


Executive Director
John V. Duca
Associate Director of Research
and Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Dallas, TX 75201
Tel: 214-922-5154
Fax: 214-922-5194

IBEFA is not, nor has ever been, associated with either of these organizations. Their use of our logo is without our permission and we have asked repeatedly for them to cease and desist: 1) International Money Funders or International Monetary Funds ( and 2) a fake site for World Bank - (; notice their spoof address compared to the valid World Bank website,